Office Policy

As a patient in our practice, we must inform all patients of our office policies and procedures.  As a courtesy, we can easily bill insurance plans for the estimated potion a plan should pay.  Any unpaid portion of treatment balances is the responsibility of the patient to pay, regardless of insurance estimation, denial or level of coverage.  Our practice makes every effort to estimate your insurance benefits and apply it to your treatment cost.  As an additional courtesy to our patients, pre-authorizations can be submitted for treatment.  Services rendered on an emergency basis must be paid in full, and your insurance can be billed for reimbursement.  Your privacy and confidence are important to the practice.  At times we may, in accordance with HIPAA, discuss your treatment or share information with your insurance company or other doctors involved in your care.  For appointments involving sedation, all arrangements for payment, consent, and dispensing of sedation medications is done prior to the arrival for such appointments, which can be scheduled with our practice.  We do have a strict cancellation policy: 48 hours (2 business days) notice is needed to cancel or change reservations for appointments.  Please see our cancellation policy.