Post Operative Care Instructions


NO tooth brushing in surgical area until sutures have been removed or recommended by our office. Begin gentle but thorough brushing and flossing of all areas EXCEPT surgical area(s) the day after surgery. It is essential that you keep your teeth as clean as possible. Rinse with Peridex twice a day for 30 seconds after breakfast and before bedtime. If food material becomes bothersome in surgical area, Q-tips dipped in Peridex rinse can be used to gently swab the site.

Do NOT use an electric (Sonicare) toothbrush for three months or until given permission to use. If no blood pressure concerns, rinse with warm salt water several times a day for 1 week.


A soft diet is advisable for the first 48 hours for any surgery.  

AVOID foods that are hard, crunchy, spicy, sticky, extremely hot and cold foods as they may injure healing tissues. Please stay away from nuts, chips, seeds, etc. Avoid biting into toast, burritos, tacos, bagels, sandwiches, etc. Eat food that can be eaten by fork or spoon.

We recommend semi-soft to soft foods like casseroles, rice dishes, pasta, etc.

Chew on non-surgical areas.

Drink plenty of liquids.

Do NOT use straws for the first week.


A slight amount of post-surgery bleeding is normal. If bleeding persists, apply firm but gentle pressure directly to the site of bleeding with gauze or moistened tea bag for 5-10 minutes. If bleeding persists beyond 4-6 hours, please call our office.


Swelling in surgical site is normal. Bruising may also occur. This is not unusual. Swelling can be minimized by applying a cold pack gently to the face over the surgical area. Apply for 20 minutes, and remove 20 minutes, alternating until bedtime. After the first three days,  discontinue the use of cold packs and use warm moist packs if you still think it necessary to alleviate swelling. Sleep with an extra pillow under your head for the first night or two to keep head above heart level – this will help minimize bleeding and swelling.


 No smoking for the first 24 hours, please! The less you smoke the faster you will heal. Avoid smoking as much as you possibly can. 

This may be a good time to quit.


Gingival (gum) sutures will be removed one to two weeks after surgery. Please avoid touching sutures or surgical area while healing, the  “quieter” the better. If dressing has been placed over the surgical area, avoid touching it.

Don’t be concerned if parts of the dressing or sutures break off, this is normal.


Please purchase OTC Sudafed (pseudoephedrine only) to take for 5 days. Do not blow your nose. If you have to sneeze or cough, only

do so through your open mouth. Bleeding through your nose is possible the first day.  Absolutely no smoking after a sinus lift procedure.


Do not brush or “pick at” the clot that forms on the surgical site.  Clotting is good, it is the initial “band-aid” that your body makes.  

This will come off  on its own.  Start the Peridex rinse 24 hours after your surgery.


    If problems arise, if you have any unfavorable reactions to your medication, or if you need

additional information, do not hesitate to call the office. We’re always available for you.

For after-hours emergencies, please call:

Dr. Graham: (858) 342-5136     

Ocean Beach Perio,
Jun 27, 2018, 9:21 AM